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The Indispensable Vacuum Cleaner

If you were to look into practically every modern household or business today across the world, the one motorized appliance that you would be sure to find is a vacuum cleaner. From coast -to-coast and across nations, the vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful cleaning machines in the world. Gone are the days of hauling carpets large and small outside to have the dust beat out of them-now we have vacuums of all kinds that simply suck out the dirt.

Vacuums have been around for over 100 years. They have gone through a metamorphosis in terms of body shape and vacuum motor design during the past century and today we have a lot of different designs to choose from. The original vacuum motor was originally petrol based and had to be transported via horse and carriage! By contrast, today's styles of vacuum cleaners are much easier to maneuver and clean with than ever before.

There are many kinds of vacuum cleaners available to today's consumer. The wonderful thing is that each style of vacuum is a machine specifically designed to clean and individual space. Some of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners are:

Upright Vacuum Cleaner-The pump is located right above the suction intake and the dust-collection bag is neatly mounted on the handle, allowing for easy access when changing or emptying the dust bag. Usually, a vacuum motor moves a belt and turns beater brushes that literally bounce dirt right out of the carpet. There are bagless models available as well, that have a dust cup that is emptied rather than a vacuum bag that needs to be changed or shaken out.

Canister Vacuums-This machine is comprised of a body unit that is on wheels which allows it to be transported easily from one area to another with relative ease. The vacuum motor is housed in the canister and there is a hose that attaches to a wand, allowing the operator to clean tight areas without the added weight associated with a heavier one-piece upright unit.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner-This vacuum is literally what it sounds like: a vacuum cleaner canister is mounted on shoulder straps and the operator wears the unit on his or her back. There is a hand tool on the end of a wand that is connected with a hose to the vacuum canister, allowing the operator increased mobility while cleaning tight areas.

Central Vacuums-Also called a "Built-In" Vacuum, this vacuum has a suction motor and dust-collection bag located in one area of a building. Various networks of hoses are built throughout the building allowing the operator to simply plug-in an additional hose close to the area that needs to be cleaned. Usually the size of the dirt-collecting unit is much larger and doesn't need to be emptied very often by comparison to other types of vacuum cleaners.

Wet/Dry Vacuums-This kind of machine is capable of handling wet liquids in addition to dry particles, hence its name. This particular design is useful for cleaning spills or for draining flooded areas. The designs of wet/dry vacuum cleaners vary a bit, but in general, they are either Upright or Canister-type models.

Vacuums have come a long way since their earliest designs. Exciting and useful new accessories and stronger vacuum motors have made sure that these cleaning machines will remain staples in most modern households and businesses until the end of time.

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